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Chapter 1 1974   On that first day of school Mama wrapped her hand around mine as we walked together into the classroom at Cobb’s Creek Country School. I’d been so sheltered about our family’s past―not to mention the small-minded ways of Hadlee, Mississippi―that I was completely unprepared for what would come. Mama leaned down and whispered, “No need to Read the rest of this entry »

The Clock Of Life

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“The Clock of Life is a book club’s dream. A well-written novel rich with characters and subject matter that spark conversation and debate.”

In the small town of Hadlee, Mississippi, during the 1980s, Jason Lee Rainey struggles to find his way amongst the old, steadfast Southern attitudes about race, while his friendship with a black boy, Samson Johnson, deepens. By way of stories from others, Jason Lee learns about his larger-than-life father, who was killed in Vietnam.  He longs to become that sort of man, but doesn’t believe he has it in him.

In The Clock Of Life he learns lessons from the past, and the realities of inequality. He flourishes with the bond of friendship; endures the pain of senseless death; finds the courage to stand up for what he believes is right; and comes to realize he is his father’s son.

This story explores how two unsettling chapters in American history, the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War, affect the fate of a family, a town, and two boyhood friends.

“The Clock of Life is a book club’s dream. A well-written novel rich with characters and subject matter that spark conversation and debate.”

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“Nancy Klann read an excerpt from “The Silver Twinkie,” and I had to read the whole bizarre story as soon as I got home; Airstream trailers will never be the same.”
Alice Lowe, Presidio Sentinel

Klann-Moren’s eclectic style and distinctive voice shine throughout this unforgettable short story collection. Whether in a seaside bar, a suburban garage, or a Chicago apartment, she explores the complexities of relationships, some real, some imagined.

Klann-Moren’s narratives capture the tender undersides of these individuals who struggle to make sense of the turns in their lives.

These fascinating character portraits are engaging and finely tuned. They stay with the reader because of their uniqueness, and also because one is almost certain they have met them before.


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Short Stories

Eleven of  Nancy’s short stories are now in one collection!  Read an excerpt today.  

The Clock of Life


Nancy’s novel is now available on Amazon!  Stay tuned for the latest right here and on twitter.

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Short Stories

Short stories by Nancy Klann-Moren is available in a special edition on Amazon! Watch for “Like Flies On The Patio” in your bookstores.