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Book Clubs

Many thanks to all you wonderful ladies for me to your book club meeting.  It was great fun sharing my writing experience with you.  Your hostess, Lynda Borges had a great spread of food, and Mint Juleps, too!

Book Club Discussion Topics

Book Clubs

The Clock Of Life by Nancy Klann Moren Reading Group Discussion Topics 1.            Uncle Mooks often spoke phrases that held deeper meaning. His famous words “conflicts are for talking out” referred to his bitterness over the Vietnam conflict.

Book Club Trivia Questions

Book Clubs

The Clock Of Life by Nancy Klann Moren Trivia Questions: 1. Where does the book take place? 2. What is Uncle Mooks prized possession?

Book Babes group shot

The Clock of Life by Nancy Klann-Moren is a compelling book-club delight that engaged our members in lively discussions running the gamut from race relations in the Deep South to mental illness; from the Vietnam War to coping with death; from what it means to be a friend to what it means to be a hero. Our members were thrilled when the author joined us to share insights into her writing process. And our clever hostess served Mint Juleps  and a Amalgamation cake, both taken directly from the novel. What fun! Eva Ditler, Coronado Book Babes Book Club

Book Babes Amalgamation Cake